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A Casual PBBG Built Around Commerce & Society

Players are given land and starting cash by a distant relative. Since their relative never got the chance to turn the land into prosperous businesses, they asked that you honor them by growing an empire. You receive a farm to start and based on items you research, you receive either a second farm or factory. Farms and factories can be switched at any time, for a price.

Farm & Master Resources

Farms come with 4 fields that produce resources and can be upgraded to increase production. Resources earn experience every time they are grown, increasing production and lowering the cost of manufacturing a product from that resource.

Manufacture Products from Resources

Resources are turned into usable products through factories. Then clubs use products to keep their doors open. You can choose to be a bootstrap entrepreneur who has their own farm and factory, or go full manufacturer with 2 factories.

Resources, Products & Clubs

Depending whether you go farmer, manufacturer, or entrepreneur you will always be utilizing clubs for player interaction. It’s what gives everything its worth in the game through supply and demand. Farmers will need to offload their resources at the highest price possible. Manufacturers always need resources to convert into products. Entrepreneurs usually become club owners and that means you need products to keep the doors open.

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